Huntington, Long Island: What Pipe Cut Revealed…

October 18, 2017

One of the free water quality tests Aqua Right conducts during a home visit is a Nitrates test. Below shows the results of a Huntington, New York, homeowner’s Nitrate test as well as what the tap water pipe revealed after cutting it before the installation, and what flushing of the customer’s tap water produced after the clean water pushed out the inner lining of buildup.

Nitrates in Long Island Tap Water

Nitrates in drinking water can come from human and animal fecal matter, urine, decaying animals, and fertilizers. These are the test results of an Aqua Right customer in Huntington, Long Island, New York.

Above: The lighter the left column of water with test solution; the fewer nitrates detected. The darker the pink color on the left side; the higher the level of nitrates.

Above: After installation, cleaned water was run to flush the pipe buildup from previous tap water deposits.

Above: Video of customer’s cut pipe showing the buildup in the pipe that the customer’s previous tap water deposited.