Not Bathing in Bottled Water… Are you?

October 16, 2017

So, you drink bottled water but what about bathing in it or using it to wash your laundry, dishes, countertops, etc.? If you believe your unfiltered tap water is not clean enough to drink, cook, or make ice; what makes you think that other home unfiltered tap water uses are just fine?

Here is a fascinating Priceonomics’ article, “The Ad Campaign That Convinced Americans to Pay for Water,” on how the bottle water industry launched in the American scene during the late ’70s with the Perrier brand – until the benzene chemical was found in its water samples – and subsequently led to the boon of PepsiCo’s and Coca-Cola’s non-fizzy water brands. Both companies are filtering municipal water and reselling it to you in a bottle, which is great but how much would you need to purchase for your laundry? .. to wash your dishes? … to shower? to clean a kitchen countertop? Why restrict cleaner water just for drinking on-the-go? Do you even remember to cook with it?

Manufacturers That Clean Tap Water To Resell to You in Bottles

Here is an except of the Priceonomics’ article explaining that some bottled water brands – specifically Dasani and Aquafina – are just filtered municipal tap water.

Article except:

The article goes on to report, “In the mid 2000s, an astonishing 39 percent of the water Americans drank came from bottles, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The rest came from the tap.

“The habit is expensive. In 2014, Americans spent $13 billion, or more than $35 million a day, on bottled water, which, according to water expert Peter Gleick, can cost 1,000 times more per liter than decent tap water. Others have calculated that at about $7.50 per gallon, bottled water costs nearly 2,000 times what tap water does. In 2016, that’s also more than three times the price of gasoline.”

Clean Your Own Tap Water with Aqua Right

Today’s generation needs to look beyond the bottle. As Aqua Right’s news notes, American tap water is far from clean, but you CANclean your tap water for all your home or office water needs. It now is more affordable than in previous years allowing homeowners and business owners the opportunity to drink, bathe, and wash in cleaner water you once thought could only be found in store-brand bottles for drinking. Furthermore, obtaining a home system means there’s no longer a need to buy and lug bulk orders of bottles on a regular bases when your own tap water is cleaned. Be greener and cleaner with your own filtered tap water for all your water needs.

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