Poland Spring Accused of Selling Well Water

September 7, 2017

Last month, 11 plaintiffs from 8 states brought a class-action lawsuit against Nestle’s Poland Spring brand of bottled water claiming zero parts of its water is drawn from springs, but all of it is sourced from groundwater at risk to same contaminants as unfiltered American well and tap water. Moreover, Nestle settled a similar suit claim in 2003 by providing $10 million in consumer discounts as well as gifts to charitable donations. Bottled water sales are a $16 billion industry.

The LA Times’ reports, “The class-action lawsuit has 11 plaintiffs and is led by Vermont resident Mark Patane, who says he has spent hundreds of dollars buying Poland Spring water since 2003.

Filtered Water Vs. Poland Spring

‘Had he known that Poland Spring Water was ordinary groundwater,’ the complaint says, ‘he would have consumed lower-cost bottled water products or filtered tap water.'”

The new lawsuit seeks $5 million in damages. Nestle, in addition to Poland Spring and its own branded water Nestle Pure Life, also owns Arrowhead, Deer Park, Perrier, Acqua Panna, San Pellegrino, and other brands.

“Nestle’s six groundwater collection sites in Maine, the suit says, ‘are near a present or former human waste dump, landfill, fish hatchery or toxic petroleum dump site,’ surmised the LA Times’ article. It went on to quote a scientist: “Most of Nestle’s waters are pumped from the ground, but the bigger issue [is] that the regulatory definition of what really counts as spring water is really weak,” said Peter Gleick, a scientist and president emeritus of the Pacific Institute, a nonprofit policy research center in Oakland. “No one is really looking over the shoulders of the bottled-water companies.”

Read the complete LA Times’ article ‘Not one drop’ of Poland Spring bottled water is from a spring, lawsuit says.

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